Otoscope dan Ophthalmoscope

md scope video otoscope deluxe pack dx1

A clear and sharp image can be acquired and displayed momentarily on a builtin screen. Just press a single button and wait for 3 seconds. The medical image can be captured and shared simultaneously with patients. A true improved interaction between the health professionals and the patients. A medicai image is automatically generated to support most of the stand-alone health information system. Simply plug the cable into the video-out socket


MDscope Video Otoscope Elite pack MS101, is a medical handheld device including a camera catching video images of both ear outer canal and tympanic membrane. – A RCA video port allows concurrently the displaying of the image on a TV monitor. The image is directly shown on the integrated screen or on an external device via the video output. – The Deluxe version included an usb device from which images

riester diagnostic set, otoscope dan ophthalmoscope

Riester diagnostic set, mungkin sudah banyak yang tahu tenatang alkes yang satu ini. Pemeriksaan medis untuk menegakkan diagnosa suatu penyakit tertentu memerlukan alat kesehatan yang sesuai, Riester diagnostic set adalah salah satu alat kesehatan yang diperlukan untuk menegakkan diagsosis suatau penyakit. RIESTER Diagnostic Set, adalah satu set peralatan dan perlengkapan untuk diagnosa THT (telinga, hidung, tenggorokan) dan juga mata buatan negaraGermany. Set diagnostik riester memudahkan para dokter untuk memeriksa THT